Freitag, Juli 18, 2008

Some GTD criticism

I believe in chaos. Not that I say I love it. We are all in it by nature. For me its not a fight against, its more a dealing with it. You can try to keep its entropy low but you always need creativity to deal with the unforseen. GTD on the other hand is very strict and makes many assumptions. For me its hard to put all my tasks into one big pot and to decide when to write this or that task down for instance. GTD is sometimes too inflexible for certain situations. Sometimes projects need more attention, and they have much shorter cycles than less imortant or long running tasks. They grow bigger and they split or subprojects emerge and so on.
I am sure I did not get everything Allen is saying us so I am misinterpreting one or the other point. But I mean, hey, this book is like a bible, and I dont like the idea you have to read the same book many times to get a simple thing.
Dont get me wrong, I am still using GTD, not too dogmatic, as its fits and I am sattisfied with it. Good tools like Omnifocus are a great help there. I am still experimenting with it but I think dealing with the habits is more important because they are the source when we did a failure. So for me GTD is just a small tool in a complex world ;-)