Dienstag, November 14, 2006

Testing with maven2

While I like maven2 because of its productivity benefits now a simple task was taking me some time of research. I have to deal with some legacy code where some tests exists, but these are plain java code with main methods. I look forward to refactor them to junit tests, but step by step. So I have to tell maven what class to use and what not. For two reasons I'd like to gather them all in a testsuite. First I could start the suite easily from my IDE, and second I have another testsuite, which will require an external Corbaserver running. So I would like to seperate these tests.

There are two points to consider:

1) Because maven doesnt seem to work with suites you have to write a TestCase like this:

public class SuiteTest extends TestCase {

TestResult tr = null;

public void testSuite() {
TestSuite suite = (TestSuite) YourTestSuite.suite();

public void run(TestResult res) {
tr = res;

2) Whereas in maven1 it was simple to configure the unit tests with the <unittest> tag, this doesnt work in maven2 anymore. In the pom.xml you have to configure the surefire plugin which runs the test. Thats not obvious for a maven1 user, so its not easy to find the right documentation. But the maven2 concept is to be more plugable. So its easier to include Testng for instance.