Sonntag, Oktober 29, 2006

Amateur projects

It happend to me again. Today I found myself in a new project where everything seems to go wrong. The climate is non productive, they have sitting 12 developers, where I guess 2 or 3 good ones can do the same job. They have absolutly no unit tests, no build server, no documatation, neither external nor within code, no code reviews, a lot of changing developers, an over complicated build system which doesnt work, too much code which is solved by open source libraries, and so on. If you work like this you get used to it, but if you know there is a much different way there is only one way: you have to tell. The decision is as always between leave this as soon as possible or try to change, which of course is much harder. But this depends on the situation, as long as there is enough money nobody cares. Its easier to convice them if they realize its a case of surving.